Project Description


Website Design

Client Description

Timebrandits are the manufacturers and distributors of digital word clocks (currently featured on YuppieChef) that add a great statement to any living space. Solid acrylic, brushed steel or custom designs and fonts, mean that these clocks can fit any home or business beautifully, bringing decor and functionality together in one stylish product.

Project Brief

I received a call on my way to a meeting one Friday afternoon, with a frantic lady explaining that there was an article being published in Visi magazine the following week on her beautiful clocks, but that the website that they currently had was awful. Could I please help? So, with a weekend’s notice, their site was up and running and ready to be viewed by the public. The requirements were that it was a one page site, that it was clean and stylish, and that it showcased the product in different settings to show it’s versatility.

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