Cohesive corporate stationery is important

And it’s more than your logo on a pen.

Okay, you’ve got this awesome logo. Now what? Now you need the corporate stationery to go with it and bring it all together. Ensuring your brand integrity is solid on everything that goes out into the market, from your business cards to your email signature, will make your customers internalise your brand and keep it top of mind. Together with being immediately recognisable, your brand’s image will also be professional and cohesive, making sure everything you do, using print or digital platforms, reinforces your brand’s identity.

It’s not just a business card

Let’s clear that up, it’s not just a business card! It’s another opportunity to market your company. If your client happens to leave your card on their desk, and someone else picks it up and goes “Wow, that’s different!” you have potentially gained a prospective customer. Just because you have had your business cards professionally designed and printed. Couldn’t be easier.

Market yourself with your stationery

Some people think marketing is only achieved by paid for, or strategic, marketing activities. This is not the case. Everything that can be branded with your logo and web address is a piece of marketing material that can make prospective clients sit up and take notice of who you are.

Corporate Stationary? Old school, no?

Not at all. As I said, you’re marketing your business here – which will generate leads, and in turn, generate income. Getting your corporate stationery printed and produced needn’t be an expensive exercise. All you need to ensure is that your designs are fresh, clean and innovative, with a clear intent behind everything you include on your stationery. Is your goal to drive traffic to your website? Include that Call-to-Action on all of your stationery. Is your goal to make sure people know you’re the best at what you do? Include that statement as a feature on all of your stationery.

Cool, so, what do you need?

Don’t look at a letterhead as just a letterhead. Look at it as an opportunity to say what you need to say to your clients and potential clients, without being obvious about it.

Corporate stationery includes, but is not limited to:

  • Letterheads
  • Email signatures
  • Business cards
  • Company profiles
  • Corporate folders
  • Sample packs
  • Envelopes
  • Invoice books
  • Corporate gifting
  • Labels
  • Compliment slips
  • Notepads
  • Postcards
  • Thank you cards

If you need any or all of the above items, or would like to produce something that’s not listed above, give me a shout on or fill in a short form here and I will get back to you, and we can discuss your needs in detail.

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