Project Description

Krispy Kreme SA

Website Design

Client Description

Krispy Kreme is an internationally loved brand, offering mouth-watering doughnuts and delicious coffees. My client is the South African franchisee for the brand, and will be expanding exponentially over the next few years. Started in North Carolina, USA in the 1930’s, Krispy Kreme has grown into a world-wide brand, with over 800 stores internationally, in 26 countries.

The first store was opened in Rosebank, Johannesburg in November 2015 to a very welcoming public, all waiting in anticipation to sink their teeth into one of the first Krispy Kreme doughnuts in South Africa.

Project Brief

Strict adherence to the Krispy Kreme brand was necessary in order to get head office in The States to sign off on the overall design. Ensuring custom fonts, colours and design elements throughout the site were consistent with the international brand regulations, while keeping a simple, easy-to-navigate and enjoyable user experience for the South African consumer was paramount. The doughnut menu was a clear focus, with functionality needed to be able to view the filling of the doughnut as well as the outside as part of the brief. Have a look through the menu pages and you can see the delicious-ness for yourself!

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