The world is moving online. Gone are the days when we looked things up in books and fat printed directories – everything you need is now available online, at your finger tips. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you are more than likely losing potential customers because they can’t find you.

People I speak to generally fall into three categories. The ones who see the value in a great website and make the investment in their online presence and reap the rewards (good on you!). Then you get the guys who had their website built back in the 90’s and think that its still awesome (it’s not). And finally, the ones who don’t believe having a website, never mind a good one, has any bearing on a successful business (um…). Does something ring true here?

There are a couple of (very) compelling reasons to ensure your website is modern, fresh, has relevant content and is responsive to how your users are viewing your website. Let me explain…

A good website gains your business credibility

Ever been chatting to your mate over dinner and one of you says “wow, that’s a great idea, where can we get one?” and straight away, they pick up their phone and Google suppliers?

In these cases, keeping your website updated with your latest products and offerings makes all the difference (as well as making sure it looks good on mobile devices) – and having simple, straight-forward Call-to-Actions (in all the right places), will prompt potential customer to contact you then and there whether its by sending you a quick email, or filling in a simple online form so your lead is in your inbox when you get into the office.

What’s great is they don’t need to wait until morning to contact you during business hours, your business is open all day (and all night).

A good website makes your business accessible, always

Simply put, if someone checks online, and you are not there, they will more than likely have a hard time trusting you. Having a website, in instances where people do not know, or have limited knowledge of your business, is almost like an introduction. And first impressions, as they say, tend to last.

According to VERISIGN, a recent study indicated that 56% of customers will do not trust businesses without a website.

Having a professional, user-friendly and useful website not only creates trust right from the get-go.

A good website delivers your message

Having a great website allows you to use multiple ways to deliver your message and your brand’s personality all in one online space. Using relevant images, catchy headlines and clever copy has the potential to get people reading and internalising your message without even realising they’re doing it.

It’s not just a place to dump your product catalogue. Use your website to showcase your work, your products, your service offerings or to simply generate awareness about a cause that’s close to you. You’ve got something to say, and a well-built, interesting website will make people listen.

A good website generates leads

Your website is your showroom – use it properly and you can passively generate leads without spending vast amounts of money on traditional marketing activities.

Just ensuring your website is current, up to date and is easy to use means you could be getting focused, qualified leads on a daily basis from people who are specifically looking for what you do.

Having a sign up functionality that users can subscribe to newsletters, your blog, your latest promotions or to access certain content also sets you on the path to having a qualified database of a targeted audience who are interested your offering. Add smart, thought-through follow up communication with this database, and you’re bound to be kept busy.

A good website increases your productivity

Spending the time to make sure that your client’s and potential client’s questions are answered on your website, and that all product/service information is laid out in an easy to understand way can decrease the number of unnecessary calls and back and forth emails asking for more information, or the right information. If all of this is made available on your website (and kept updated), clients can make an informed decision for themselves while they’re on your site, and the call to you is to place and order – not to ask for further explanations.

Never to big…or too small

So what if you only have three employees and operate out of your home? Does that mean you don’t need a website? Or aren’t ready for one yet? NO!

Regardless of the size of your business, your goal is let people know who you are and what you offer, yes? Having a strong online presence will allow you to reach potential clients that would otherwise not come into contact with your brand. But you’re doing flyer drops in the local community? What about the potential customer that doesn’t live or work in the area? They might be looking for exactly what you are offering, but don’t fall into the sphere of your current marketing activities. You’re missing the guy who could catapult your small business into a big business. If all he needed to do was Google what you do, and your company’s name popped up, wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier? I think so.

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