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Travel Moon

Website Design

Client Description

Such an awesome concept! Travel Moon specialises in honeymoon travel and luxury honeymoon registries. I wish I had known about them when I got married. So instead of setting up your registry at a commercial store, you can give your guests a wish list of items and experiences which they can gift to you to receive while you are on honeymoon. So instead of a lamp that you don’t necessarily need or want (but you need to fill up your registry so you scan it in anyway), your family and friends can give you a candlelit dinner on the beach or a micro-gliding excursion through the mountains. Travel Moon takes care of all of the logistics and arrangements – amazing!

Project Brief

Knowing that the main website for Travel Moon would take a while to develop because of the required functionalities, Kerith just wanted a holding page up in the meantime with a little bit about what Travel Moon does and how to contact them. In keeping with the upmarket feel of the logo, I just created a “Phase 1” landing page that was a little more than a “Coming Soon” page, so that potential clients could start making enquiries and setting up their registries. Can’t wait to show you the full site!

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